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WNB Golf Classic

Hey everyone!

It has been a couple weeks since I’ve seen action.  I’m excited to get back into the swing of things with 3 tournaments in the next 4 weeks.  I haven’t quite seen the results I would want in my first 4 events, but there is no need to panic.  There is a learning curve playing at the next level and I am getting more and more comfortable each week I compete.  I feel these lessons are good building blocks going forward in my career because a player will go through similar situations the first year on the PGA Tour.  With that said, even though the results haven’t been there I am confident a couple putts will soon drop and I can jump on a wave of momentum into the summer.

I have never played golf in Midland; however, it is a hop, skip, and jump from my old stomping grounds in El Paso.  I’m excited to play on familiar turf conditions and battle the winds of west Texas.  The most important thought for the week is to keep things simple by focusing on the basics.  My identity as a golfer is to first, find the fairway, second, find the green, and third, try to make a putt.  I believe the biggest struggle players face when they play at the next level is staying true to their identity.  Keeping the strategy simple allows me to let scores happen rather than force scores to happen.

In the past 2 weeks there have been some encouraging news with regards to my caddy.  I’m happy to announce that I have partnered with Barry O’Neill.  Barry has been a close friend in the Houston area, and has played competitively on the mini tours for years.  It was hard for me to approach Barry with the option to caddy and he was reluctant to take it at first.  However, we worked well in Lafayette, and we both feel it is a relationship that we can build on and hopefully take to great success on the PGA Tour.

Once again I thank you for tuning in to keep up to speed with my life on the links.  I would like to not only share my experiences and updates, but also from time to time share the thoughts and strategies I use which have contributed to my success at each level.  With that said I encourage you to keep checking back.  I’ll open a few updates to comments so feel free to share your thoughts below or even send a message through the “contact” link above.  Look forward to hearing from you guys!

Until next time,

“Close your eyes in case you hit it!”