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Season Start and Playoff Football

Sometime this week the Tour is supposed to officially announce the 2014 schedule. We were given an advance schedule for the first 10 events to help coordinate travel accordingly. While the season was supposed to get underway the first week of February in Panama, we were recently updated that this event has been postponed due to agronomic conditions. This now means Bogota, Colombia is where the 2014 will kick off. The Tour is set to announce when the Panama event will be rescheduled on January 10.

As for my tournament prep this allows myself 1 more week to prepare. Due to the severe cold weather brushing across Canada and the United States it takes pressure off immediate practice. The weather is supposed to warm up by the end of the week when I’ll continue my preparation for the start of the season.

As many of you are aware I’m an Indianapolis Colts fan. It was great to see their amazing come from behind victory over the weekend. It was certainly an entertaining game to watch. I was most impressed with what Andrew Luck said in his post game interview. He referenced how the players were able to focus on one play at a time when they were trailing by 28 points. The pressure of winning the game was gone. All they could control was how they executed the next play whether they were on offense or defense. I whole heartedly agree this is the best formula to play any sport. I sometimes play my best round on Sunday after I have shot myself in the foot on Saturday. As I am always looking for ways to improve this area is, undoubtedly, one that captivates me. We need to understand how to separate our emotions from the beginning of competition in order to focus on variables only we can control to produce prudent decision making and proper execution each and every play from start to finish. I know that is quite a mouth full in one sentence, but this ultimately allows us to perform at our true potential. This was just something I picked up from watching that great football game. I’m excited for the next game against New England; it should be a real tough test.

Thanks for stopping by and checking up. Stay warm wherever you are!