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How to make an 11 on the World’s most iconic golf hole.

Many people close to me have been curious yet very tentative to ask me about what happened last week at Pebble Beach when I apparently “broke shot link” with my adventurous 11 on the iconic 18th hole. Earlier in the week I sent out an email to a few close family and friends recapping the event. Upon great review I thought I share the same words with all of you who are looking for answers and a few good laughs. Enjoy.

Shot 1- Tee shot left landing on the beach

Shot 2- From the beach left on top of the rocks greenside

Shot 3- From the rocks straight up 150 feet in the air, riding the wind into the Pacific Ocean

Shot 4- Penalty (Back to tee where the ball had crossed the hazard line sometime earlier that afternoon)

Shot 5- Tee shot right landing out of bounds (Scared of curious seals now gathering on the beach)

Shot 6- Penalty

Shot 7- Tee shot down middle of fairway (This stroke played sometime after stroke 5 because rules official had to drive back down fairway to caddy for another ball)

Shot 8- From fairway to neck of fairway short of green (Spectators cheer because bar remains open until this Canadian pathfinder finally finishes his adventure)

Shot 9- Putt from fringe 6 feet passed hole

Shot 10- Putt from 6 feet cruising 3 feet passed hole

Shot 11- Putt from 3 feet finally holed (followed by loud applause and an immediate ball toss back into the Pacific Ocean)

Calories burned- 1,352

Amateurs in field completing hole in less strokes- ALL

Clubs damaged -1 (Easily replaceable wedge- the trusty hybrid remains in tact!)

Total time elapsed- Time stood still (Even the sun paused on the horizon to watch this train wreck)

And that is how you truly get your money’s worth on the most iconic and beautiful hole in golf!

BTW- Funniest part of the story was driving from tee to fairway after shot 7. Rules official looks at me and hands me another ball and said “Sorry but I had to grab two from your caddy just in case.”

**Disclaimer** No clubs were damaged out of frustration in the making of this score

Obviously I am not proud of the score I eventually posted on the 18th; however, I now have an incredible story to tell everyone of the first time I played the iconic hole at Pebble Beach. It was a very cool experience playing into the green by myself at sunset with all the spectators and volunteers remaining to support and bear witness. All scores and adventures aside, the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am was a fantastic tournament with hundreds of amazing volunteers. All three golf courses were unique and superb. It was a special week and I’m looking forward to returning to write a more victorious story on the world’s most iconic hole!