How to make an 11 on the World’s most iconic golf hole.

Many people close to me have been curious yet very tentative to ask me about what happened last week at Pebble Beach when I apparently “broke shot link” with my adventurous 11 on the iconic 18th hole. Earlier in the week I sent out an email to a few close family and friends recapping the event. Upon great review I thought I share the same words with all of you who are looking for answers and a few good laughs. Enjoy.

Shot 1- Tee shot left landing on the beach

Shot 2- From the beach left on top of the rocks greenside

Shot 3- From the rocks straight up 150 feet in the air, riding the wind into the Pacific Ocean

Shot 4- Penalty (Back to tee where the ball had crossed the hazard line sometime earlier that afternoon)

Shot 5- Tee shot right landing out of bounds (Scared of curious seals now gathering on the beach)

Shot 6- Penalty

Shot 7- Tee shot down middle of fairway (This stroke played sometime after stroke 5 because rules official had to drive back down fairway to caddy for another ball)

Shot 8- From fairway to neck of fairway short of green (Spectators cheer because bar remains open until this Canadian pathfinder finally finishes his adventure)

Shot 9- Putt from fringe 6 feet passed hole

Shot 10- Putt from 6 feet cruising 3 feet passed hole

Shot 11- Putt from 3 feet finally holed (followed by loud applause and an immediate ball toss back into the Pacific Ocean)

Calories burned- 1,352

Amateurs in field completing hole in less strokes- ALL

Clubs damaged -1 (Easily replaceable wedge- the trusty hybrid remains in tact!)

Total time elapsed- Time stood still (Even the sun paused on the horizon to watch this train wreck)

And that is how you truly get your money’s worth on the most iconic and beautiful hole in golf!

BTW- Funniest part of the story was driving from tee to fairway after shot 7. Rules official looks at me and hands me another ball and said “Sorry but I had to grab two from your caddy just in case.”

**Disclaimer** No clubs were damaged out of frustration in the making of this score

Obviously I am not proud of the score I eventually posted on the 18th; however, I now have an incredible story to tell everyone of the first time I played the iconic hole at Pebble Beach. It was a very cool experience playing into the green by myself at sunset with all the spectators and volunteers remaining to support and bear witness. All scores and adventures aside, the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am was a fantastic tournament with hundreds of amazing volunteers. All three golf courses were unique and superb. It was a special week and I’m looking forward to returning to write a more victorious story on the world’s most iconic hole!

Season Start and Playoff Football

Sometime this week the Web.com Tour is supposed to officially announce the 2014 schedule. We were given an advance schedule for the first 10 events to help coordinate travel accordingly. While the season was supposed to get underway the first week of February in Panama, we were recently updated that this event has been postponed due to agronomic conditions. This now means Bogota, Colombia is where the 2014 will kick off. The Web.com Tour is set to announce when the Panama event will be rescheduled on January 10.

As for my tournament prep this allows myself 1 more week to prepare. Due to the severe cold weather brushing across Canada and the United States it takes pressure off immediate practice. The weather is supposed to warm up by the end of the week when I’ll continue my preparation for the start of the season.

As many of you are aware I’m an Indianapolis Colts fan. It was great to see their amazing come from behind victory over the weekend. It was certainly an entertaining game to watch. I was most impressed with what Andrew Luck said in his post game interview. He referenced how the players were able to focus on one play at a time when they were trailing by 28 points. The pressure of winning the game was gone. All they could control was how they executed the next play whether they were on offense or defense. I whole heartedly agree this is the best formula to play any sport. I sometimes play my best round on Sunday after I have shot myself in the foot on Saturday. As I am always looking for ways to improve this area is, undoubtedly, one that captivates me. We need to understand how to separate our emotions from the beginning of competition in order to focus on variables only we can control to produce prudent decision making and proper execution each and every play from start to finish. I know that is quite a mouth full in one sentence, but this ultimately allows us to perform at our true potential. This was just something I picked up from watching that great football game. I’m excited for the next game against New England; it should be a real tough test.

Thanks for stopping by and checking up. Stay warm wherever you are!


Happy New Year!!

I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas to wrap up 2013. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I thoroughly enjoyed not having to shovel snow as I celebrated it in Houston this year! New Years and 2014 is right on our doorstep. It is always exciting to ponder what possibilities the new year will hold for us. I plan to make website updates a more consistent routine for 2014. I do apologize for leaving many of you in the dark over the last several months. There were a lot of changes that took place and as a result I found myself with little spare time to update.

I do want to thank everyone for all their support. It means a lot each time I receive a text, tweet, email, or even website comments from all of you following from all over the world. Thank you so much for the motivation!

To recap, 2013 was my first year on the Web.com Tour. It was a disappointing overall year for me when I looked at the statistics and results. The stretch of 7 missed cuts in a row really put a damper on the first half of the season. I seemed to turn things around in Utah finishing tied for 7th. I followed that up with a tie for 6th in Kansas City. My momentum continued into the Canadian Open where I made the cut but couldn’t quite shoot myself up the leaderboard on the weekend. Without a doubt the high point of my year was when I got married to my absolutely wonderful wife Casey at my home course Tobiano in Kamloops, British Columbia. It was a great week filled with adventure, laughs, and tears with our closest friends and family. I finished my first year on the Web.com Tour a couple weeks later in Omaha, where I missed out on the playoffs but secured conditional status for 2014 at 87th on the money list.

Knowing I had to go back to Qschool to improve my status, I chose to take the month of September as my off season. I took some much needed time away from the game to enjoy the first months of marriage, as well as let my mind and body recover from what was a chaotic and fast paced summer. October came around and I finally picked up my golf clubs energized to get better. I analyzed my year and came to realize I played with a complete lack of trust all year. Expectations of myself changed because I was playing at a higher level. Instead of trusting the process it takes for Roger Sloan to win on the PGA Tour I was forcing myself to hit the middle of the fairways, avoiding disaster by playing away from trouble, ultimately not trusting in my abilities to hit the shot needed. October was where I changed my way of thinking and recommitted to the process. I trusted in who I was, and how I play golf(my identity) at second stage of Qschool, finishing 3rd to advance to the finals. At final stage I again trusted in my identity and played wonderful golf through the first 4 rounds. The last 9 holes in the 5th round was when adversity struck and I ended up shooting a 72 to put myself outside the number heading into the final round. As I unwound that night I was tempted to change my strategy and force a great round the next day. However, I reminded myself to trust my identity, to continue doing the things I was focused on. As a result, a few putts dropped and it added up to a final round 63 and full status on the Web.com Tour for 2014. It was a great way to finish 2013 and a testament to golf’s key to success; committing to the process.

For those of you wondering, the new season starts the first week of February in Panama City, Panama. It is great to see many more Canadians obtain status on the Web.com Tour this year. The full schedule has not been released yet. We have been told the schedule will be ready for release in the first two weeks of January. They have been working on some last minute additions which many of you may find exciting.

To wrap up, 2013 had some ups as well as some downs, but I am taking what I learned from it all and applying it to the many opportunities 2014 will bring in my life. Heading into the new year I encourage you to do the same whether it is on the golf course, in the office, or in your personal life. There are always lessons to be learned from every situation that can be applied to help each and everyone of us improve. Cheers to 2014 and getting better!!

-Roger Sloan

WNB Golf Classic

Hey everyone!

It has been a couple weeks since I’ve seen action.  I’m excited to get back into the swing of things with 3 tournaments in the next 4 weeks.  I haven’t quite seen the results I would want in my first 4 events, but there is no need to panic.  There is a learning curve playing at the next level and I am getting more and more comfortable each week I compete.  I feel these lessons are good building blocks going forward in my career because a player will go through similar situations the first year on the PGA Tour.  With that said, even though the results haven’t been there I am confident a couple putts will soon drop and I can jump on a wave of momentum into the summer.

I have never played golf in Midland; however, it is a hop, skip, and jump from my old stomping grounds in El Paso.  I’m excited to play on familiar turf conditions and battle the winds of west Texas.  The most important thought for the week is to keep things simple by focusing on the basics.  My identity as a golfer is to first, find the fairway, second, find the green, and third, try to make a putt.  I believe the biggest struggle players face when they play at the next level is staying true to their identity.  Keeping the strategy simple allows me to let scores happen rather than force scores to happen.

In the past 2 weeks there have been some encouraging news with regards to my caddy.  I’m happy to announce that I have partnered with Barry O’Neill.  Barry has been a close friend in the Houston area, and has played competitively on the mini tours for years.  It was hard for me to approach Barry with the option to caddy and he was reluctant to take it at first.  However, we worked well in Lafayette, and we both feel it is a relationship that we can build on and hopefully take to great success on the PGA Tour.

Once again I thank you for tuning in to keep up to speed with my life on the links.  I would like to not only share my experiences and updates, but also from time to time share the thoughts and strategies I use which have contributed to my success at each level.  With that said I encourage you to keep checking back.  I’ll open a few updates to comments so feel free to share your thoughts below or even send a message through the “contact” link above.  Look forward to hearing from you guys!

Until next time,

“Close your eyes in case you hit it!”


Website Launch

Hello everyone!  I’m excited to finally launch my website.  I would like to thank the staff at Web.com for designing and developing this awesome website. The team they have are very skilled at taking an idea and turning it into a live website in what felt like a blink of an eye.  I am thrilled for the opportunity to keep you updated on where I am, how I am doing, and to share my experiences as a professional golfer.  Our society is moving at the speed of light and I feel it is important to make sure I keep pace by not only using this website, but connecting with you using Facebook and Twitter.  All three media outlets are linked and you can access whichever one you want through whichever one you are on.

I have spent the last week preparing, editing, organizing my website so that users get the most out of their visit.  I encourage you to spend some time looking around the website.  If you have the time visit my Facebook page or twitter feed.  And of course do not forget to leave a message or comment letting me know what you think of the site.  I also love to hear feedback for any ideas you wish to share.  Make sure you check back regularly as I update and change content frequently.  You never know when a prize pack might be given away.

Thanks again for visiting my website!

-Roger Sloan